Crypto Token「ArtifactCoin」is created by Osakaitjournal for CrowdFunding/仮想通貨トークンACはクラウドファンディングの為に作成


Artifact Coin, a Crypto token created in ERC-20, was created to fund the opening of an e-sports cafe in Japan and to establish a Japanese dota2 professional gaming team.

ERC-20で作られた仮想通貨トークン「Artifact Coin」は日本でe-sports cafeを開業するための資金と日本人dota2 プロゲーミングチームを設立したいと思い、Artifact Coinを作成しました。

I don’t have any returns in mind at this point.
If we are able to open an e-sports cafe, we would like to offer discounts based on the amount of tokens held, VIP plans for large holdings, unlimited access for one month to one year, and coaching from professional players

もしe-sports cafeをオープンする事ができればトークン保有額に応じて料金が割引になったり、大量に保有してくれている方にはVIPプランとして一か月~1年通い放題プラン、プロプレイヤーからコーチングしてもらえるなどを考えています。

We would also like to bring together professional gamers, streamers, and influencers, both domestic and international.
We would like to have opportunities to play with you.


I also intend to establish a Dota2 pro-gaming team in Japan and use part of the funds to cover the operating costs of the pro-gaming team.
Practices will be held at the e-sports cafe I mentioned earlier

練習などは先ほど申し上げた、e-sports cafeで行うつもりです。

We are not planning to list this token.
Please understand that it is only a donation.


As listing of tokens is not permitted by Japanese law, we are unable to give you tokens through an exchange.


Therefore, we will use Patreon subscription and paypal money transfer system.
The amount and other details will be provided at a later date.


The wallet will use Meta Mask for sending Artifact Coin

ウォレットはMeta Maskを使用してACを送ります。

Would you contact me if you are interested.