Saya Scarlet was reverse racially discriminated against by non white

Who is a Saya Scarlet?

from Russia
Birthday April 16, 1999
Favorite Vocaloids Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, Otomachi Una
Cosplays Tried on about 60 characters
Age 2


Saya Scarlet. She’s a russian cosplayer and also does translations of Vocaloid songs.she mostly cosplays Miku Hatsune. She first appeared on television in a Japanese TV show, where they looked up tourists and asked them about their experiences in a foreign country. At that point, Saya came to Japan for Magical Mirai 2017.

The beginning of things

Saya Scarlet’s tweet on October 9 started the whole thing.

She asked in Japanese, “Do Japanese people really feel offended when they see my face and makeup?”

She also tweeted below

Many English speakers say that I am “Asian fishing” and that I have stolen their culture…

Two days later, she tweeted below

In January, many English speakers said I was racist because I speak Japanese and wear Japanese makeup,And it’s happening again.

Tweeted evidence of reverse Racism statements

Black (?) A woman (?) who appears to be is the initiator, and people who appear to be non-Japanese have commented that she is plagiarizing Japanese culture.
Please figure out here, Genshin is not a Japanese game. It is a Chinese game.

Ray, Saya’s friend, made sarcastic.
Reverse Racism does not exist.
RayBlos’s twitter:


in the first place, Why are non-Japanese people saying that they have “stolen Japanese culture”?
also, Genshin impact is not a even Japanese game.

I have a similar experience.
Do people think that all animes,games,mangas were created by Japan?
In my experience, I went to the booth of a game made by a French person and spoke to him, and he said I am Chinese when I attended the Tokyo Game Show.
However, I am Japanese, not Chinese, and when I said, “I don’t speak chinese,”then he was confused.
I had same experience when I went to Germany that a black person called me a chinese.
Do non japanese, non Asian people think that all asians are chinese?

Of course, Rasicm should not be tolerated, but the author believes that reverse Rasicm should not be tolerated either.

What do you think?

See you soon!

Saya Scarlet‘s Twitter